Write For Us

Are you a passionate travel advisor and talented writer who wants to share your story? Become a member of the Peregrine Kinship community and inspire others to live a life of travel. We believe in the power of sharing your passions, interests, and diverse experiences. Write for us!

So who are we? 

Peregrine Kinship Blog is a collective of Travel Advisors sharing their tips and advice on all things travel and life.  We come from all over the United States and have lived all over the world.  As travel advisors we think in a different way about travel.  Our number one priority is creating once-in-a-lifetime trips with top-level service to our clients.


If you are interested in adding your writing to our site you have two options: guest post, and contributor position.

Please note that neither opportunity is paid.


Guest Posts

Guest posts will be a one-off contribution to our website.


How to submit a guest post:

Email our editor at hello@kinshipvacations.com with the exact title “New Guest Writer Article Submission.”


Please include the following:   

  • Your connection to the travel industry
  • Your blog, channel, or business
  • A link to something you’ve written
  • Your topic idea, with suggested title and description of the article.


Contributor Position 

As a contributor you will commit to writing at least one post per month and become an active member of our community.

 How to Apply to be a Contributor:

 Email our editor at hello@kinshipvacations.com with the exact title “New Contributor Application.” 


Please include the following: 

  • Your travel agency information
  • Links to 3-5 articles/posts you’ve written
  • Your areas of expertise (What you can write about)


Not a travel advisor?  No problem.  If you are in the travel industry in another capacity we want to hear from you.


Military Spouses


We are especially interested in hearing from military spouses in the travel industry.  As most of the Kinship Vacations and Peregrine Kinship team are military spouses and veterans we want to showcase the wealth of knowledge of our community.