Did You Know..?

We're also military spouses.

Various Interests, One Shared Lifestyle

As military spouses we share a unique lifestyle.  As travelers we share a passion. We’re travel professionals from every corner of the country who have lived all over the world.  From that, we’ve gained a love for travel.  From adventures around the globe to weekend getaways. From moving across the country to juggling a career as a military spouse.  We’ve done it all and want to share our stories with you.

Brought Together by a Common Goal

Collectively We’ve Been:

All World Map Placeholder
All World Map

All State Map Placeholder
All State Map

As military spouses (and some of us are veterans as well) we have had the opportunity to live and travel all over the world, and of course the U.S. The above maps show just how much this lifestyle has moved us.  Together we have lived in almost half of the states in the U.S. (some of these states we’ve lived more than once and more than one of us have lived in most of these states).  We’ve also been stationed overseas.  

We all love the opportunity to move and experience a new place to call home.  As you might expect this only helps with our travel business because we have first-hand knowledge that will help our clients have an amazing vacation.