The Gift of Travel: A Husband’s Birthday Trip to New Orleans

The gift of travel is an investment. It is an investment in a relationship. It is an investment in personal growth. It is an investment, which pays a lifetime of dividends of memories, shared experiences, and new ways of looking at things. I didn’t fully realize that until my wife surprised me with a birthday trip to New Orleans. From there I became a believer.

Kinship Vacations’ Top Travel Picks for 2019

Instead of consulting some other experts on their top picks for 2019 travel, I wanted to consult the experts at Kinship Vacations. We each have our own specialty and interest in travel, so I think you’ll find something different and interesting for everyone!

This is Getting Personal

I had an up-and-down year in 2016. I had a major loss, but I also came out of the year with a lot of gratitude. This is how I became the person I am today and it relates to my new business.