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Created by Kinship Vacations, the Peregrine Kinship travel blog showcases the insight and expertise of a select group of travel advisors based all over the U.S.  With our collective knowledge we have helped countless families, couples, groups, and solo travelers to see the world easily and in the way that perfectly fits their travel wishes.  Our blog features our unique point of view on all things life, travel, and beyond.   

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Highlight of Black-Owned Travel Agencies

Highlight of Black-Owned Travel Agencies

At Kinship Vacations we believe in showcasing, celebrating, and uplifting the talents of creative and knowledgeable business owners.  In the midst of the Black Lives Matter Movement, it’s more important now than ever to support businesses owned by People of...

Stages of Corona-Grief as a Travel Advisor

Stages of Corona-Grief as a Travel Advisor

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been a trying time for everyone. From people forced to stay confined to their homes, to struggling with illness, to being unable to work or losing their jobs. As a travel advisor I know just how difficult of a time it is for business. No...