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Created by Kinship Vacations, the Peregrine Kinship travel blog showcases the insight and expertise of a select group of travel advisors based all over the U.S.  With our collective knowledge we have helped countless families, couples, groups, and solo travelers to see the world easily and in the way that perfectly fits their travel wishes.  Our blog features our unique point of view on all things life, travel, and beyond.   

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Can I Travel During Covid-19?

Can I Travel During Covid-19?

Can I travel during Covid-19? It’s a question we get a lot at Kinship Vacations, and we wanted to tackle it head on.   We talked about it a little here, but frankly, that was months ago and a lot has changed and continues to change since then.   So...

Where Can You Travel in 2020?

Where Can You Travel in 2020?

Another week, another crazy turnstyle of corona woes.  If you haven’t heard, news broke this week that it will be very unlikely that Americans will be allowed to travel to Europe for the remainder of 2020. Uncertainty seems to be the theme of 2020, with no one...