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Created by Kinship Vacations, the Peregrine Kinship travel blog showcases the insight and expertise of a select group of travel advisors based all over the U.S.  With our collective knowledge we have helped countless families, couples, groups, and solo travelers to see the world easily and in the way that perfectly fits their travel wishes.  Our blog features our unique point of view on all things life, travel, and beyond.   

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Travel Advisor Spotlight- Traci Conner

Travel Advisor Spotlight- Traci Conner

So, let me introduce myself.   I’m Traci Conner.  I am a mom, military spouse, travel advisor, and a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA).  Due to my husband’s military career we have lived all over the country, moving 11 times in 18 years, from the...

Blogging Strategies for Travel Advisors

There are so many great reason's to blog as an entrepreneur: it helps with SEO which helps drive traffic to your website, it helps you to list build, it helps to establish yourself as an expert, and it helps to build Know, Like and Trust. But, where do you begin? In...

How to Narrow Down Your Ideal Client

How to Narrow Down Your Ideal Client

Most of the time in our industry, people will tell you that as a travel advisor it is important to niche. Many people get laser focused on a type of travel, and still find themselves struggling in their business. They either become burnt out on serving clients they...