Lorelei Redmond

About Me

Specialties: Cruises, All Inclusive, Southeast U.S. Arizona, Caribbean, Family Vacations

Hometown: Pampano Beach, Florida

Current Location: Benson, Arizona

Favorite Travel Memory: So many to mention, but I must say going to the Lorelei Rock in Germany is a top one.

Best Travel Tip: I always carry on an extra set of clothes and small toiletries because you never know if you’re going to get bumped from a flight or they lose your checked bags for a day or two.  So I want to have some clothes and a toothbrush to get me through a day without my bags  (when they lose your bags it hopefully only takes a day to recover it).

I specialize in Cruises, Caribbean, the Southeast US specifically Florida, Arizona, Family Vacations, All Inclusive

Whether you cruise the world, island hop or just want to find that perfect destination to spend your valuable downtime, let me help you plan that perfect getaway I am Lorelei. Traveling is the family business.

The daughter of a pilot who married a stewardess who, after she ‘clipped her wings,’ opened her own Travel Agency. You can say travel is in my blood. Which is why marriage to the military was a perfect fit!

As a former deployment specialist with the USMC I have an uncompromising attention to detail. Every box must be checked for success. Let me translate that to helping you plan your perfect vacation getaway.

Favorite Destinations




The Caribbean


My Travel Must-Haves


Comfortable Shoes








Sense of Adventure

Fun Facts About Me

  • I love adventure
  • I was a top swimmer
  • I love to dance
  • I am free spirited
  • I can’t stay in one place too long… my husband calls me the ficklest woman he knows… I love to wander

Where I’ve Been

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My Work

5 Tips for Solo Female Travel

5 Tips for Solo Female Travel

I have always been very comfortable in my own skin. If I want to see a movie and can’t find anyone to join I will go by myself. Why miss out on something because no one else is interested? That is the same for traveling. But I know many others don't feel the same. So...

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