Krystal Eicher

About Me

Specialties: Girlfriend Getaways

Hometown: Hays, KS

Current Location: Conroe, TX

Favorite Travel Memory:  A weekend away with the girls in New Orleans

Best Travel Tip: There are two types of travelers – one’s that pack light and ones that wish they had packed light. Pack light!

I’m a foodie, yogi (that should do more yoga), coffee addict, and travel junkie. I am a mother of daughters and former milspouse.

I love helping women reconnect to themselves and each other through the joys of travel and girlfriend getaways. You work so hard taking care of everyone else, let me take care of you by helping plan custom and unique travel experiences. Nothing brings me more pleasure than exceeding your expectations and helping you find the serendipitous moments in your journeys.

I believe in the serendipity of travel. I believe there is joy in the unexpected. I believe that travel makes us better people, expands our horizons, brings us together, builds relationships, challenges our thinking, centers our world, makes us brave, and brings to mind what’s important. Mostly, I love to help people discover these things for themselves.

Favorite Destinations

Rome, Italy

Reykjavik, Iceland

Garmisch, Germany

Normandy, France

My Travel Must-Haves


A Pashmina


A good multi-port USB wall charger


An External Battery


Spritz Hand Sanitizer


Quality Headphones

Fun Facts About Me

  • I recently moved to Texas, and while I’m doing everything I can to live like a local, as a former military spouse it’s hard to settle in and feel like I’m really “from” anywhere. 
  • Speaking of military spouse, I have moved 7 times in the last 11 years. 
  • I used to work as an intern and contractor for Long Beach Special Events and Filming. I worked on the 2004 Olympic Swim Trials, countless marathons, film sites, festivals and parades.  
  • I am a mountain girl at heart.  The mountains are my happy place. 
  • I am an ice cream addict. Last year we braved the Polar Vortex in Chicago at -50F for some Ben and Jerry’s.  Last week we had it delivered via GrubHub #somebodystopme
  • I think that girls trips are some of the most important vacations a girl can take in her lifetime and I try to schedule at least 1 a year. 
  • I am the Mother of Daughters.  Dragons have nothing on daughters. 

Where I’ve Been

Krystal World Map Placeholder
Krystal World Map

My Work

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How to Narrow Down Your Ideal Client

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Can I Travel During Covid-19?

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Where Can You Travel in 2020?

Where Can You Travel in 2020?

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