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About Me

Specialties: Disney Travel

Hometown: The World

Current Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Favorite Travel Memory:  A wonderful trip to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort in the dead of winter with my oldest son.

Best Travel Tip: Amenities are there for a reason. Use them!

A Luxury Disney Concierge sprinkling extra pixie dust for a magical vacation.

Aloha, I’m Dina a Disney Geek and life long member of the military, no really I’ve been in the military in some way shape or form my entire life. I’m married to a comedian and gamer that keeps my life full. I have two amazing little boys that love LEGOs and going on adventures.

I gained a love of travel due to the military lifestyle. It has been a constant in my life. As a military family, we’ve had the unique opportunity to live in Japan for 6 years non-consecutively, Hawai’i, Korea, Turkey, and Greece.

To tie that with my love of most things Geek, I enjoy traveling with my family to experience the world with their our eyes. We enjoy visiting film locations as well as visiting Disney Parks and other theme parks, Legoland anyone?

I think travel should be stressless as possible, because why are you traveling then? It builds connections with your family that you can foster by spending time away from all the distractions of home. As a matter of fact, a Disney Vacation to Tokyo Disneyland has been one of the most rewarding travel experiences for my family. My oldest son speaks fondly about the joy he felt spending time with us. He loved the excitement and the changes it brought in us as his parents. We became kids at Disney and unified a bond, I truly believe we would have never attempted to foster at home.

Perhaps, you haven’t traveled enough or you’ve experienced a vacation that wasn’t right for your family. Maybe you don’t have time to plan a vacation, that’s where I come in. I want to help you strengthen your family bonds through travel. Traveling should be fun, exciting, a little relaxing, with a healthy dose of geekiness. I truly believe no geeky travel destination dream is too big or small.

You should go on the vacation you dream of, not the one you settle on.

Favorite Destinations 





My Travel Must-Haves


Inflatable Footrest


A Cardigan


An External Battery


Hand Sanitizer


Water Bottle

Fun Facts About Me

  • I’ve been in the military my entire life.  I was born on an Air Force Base. My mom was in the Air Force and served until I was in early elementary school.  She retired and married my stepdad who served until past my highschool graduation. I enlisted in the Air Force and then got married to a fellow service member.  I separated from the Air Force but I can honestly say I’ve been “in” the service for well over 30+ years.  
  • I’m an island girl at heart, even though I’ve only lived on an island twice in my life.  
  • Disney is truly my happy place.  I could seriously only go there on vacation and feel relaxed when I come home. 
  •  The Air Force has never sent me to any place I’ve wanted to go, but I’ve always found a reason to like a duty station we’ve ended up at.   
  • I could drink coffee all day long and I prefer my drip coffee over Starbucks expensive “espresso.”

Where I’ve Been

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My Work

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