So, who are we?

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So, Who Are We?

Peregrine Kinship is a travel and lifestyle blog brought to you by the Travel Advisors of Kinship Vacations. Here we share insight on travel, life, and beyond.   

As travel advisors we have a unique prospective surrounding travel and the knowledge of what truly makes a great travel experience. Sharing our experiences here is our way of sharing our knowledge for fellow travel advisors, travel professionals, or just avid travelers.




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How it all began…

Ashley Metesh-McCoy started the travel design firm Kinship Vacations to help keen travelers experience unique places, create new memories, and deepen connections with their loved ones.   Ashley took Kinship Vacations  from a one-woman operation to a collective of eight talented travel advisors and team members, all of whom are women connected to the military, either as spouses or veterans, or both!

By using our vast travel knowledge acquired over years of living in all the corners of the world, we have planned memorable and priceless vacations for countless clients. Now we want to share our experience with you through the Peregrine Kinship Blog.  Learn about all things life, travel, and beyond from our talented group of travel advisors.

Collectively We’ve Been:

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