Did you ever cancel a trip because of a bad knee or other mobility impairment? Have you avoided cruises and family events that require travel for fear you’ll need oxygen mid-trip? 

It’s disappointing to be left behind or to have to leave a loved one behind because of a physical limitation or special travel need. Not having everyone around diminishes the fun for those who do make the trip, especially if the trip is a family event. Family celebrations, reunions, and multi-generational trips are simply more fun and more memorable for everyone when every member of the family or group can participate.

The good news is, today’s world is more accessible than ever, and for anyone with special requirements for traveling, there’s a world of information and help waiting for you. Renting durable medical equipment is possible and you can even have it delivered directly to your stateroom or hotel room.  You don’t have to be a full-time wheelchair user to rent one for a vacation.  Scooters are the most common rented equipment for vacations. You may be able to walk in everyday life, but a scooter may help your vacation be more enjoyable by reducing pain and fatigue during excursions or long days exploring a new city.  

Oxygen, shower chairs, hospital beds, patient lifts, and even recliners are all items you may be able to rent and have available for your dream vacation.  Even a sudden incident like a broken leg does not need to derail your travel plans.  Many families have been separated this past year and are looking to plan vacations where everyone can spend quality time together.  No one needs to be left out because of a special need.  Travel is for everyone so go explore and enjoy!

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