Recently, my family took a weekend trip to Kalahari Resort and Conventions in the Poconos, PA.  I’ve mentioned before we have been trying to find safe ways to get our girls out of the house and have some fun.  Kalahari definitely had the potential to deliver with an indoor water park, nine-hole indoor putt-putt, an escape room, and more.  Now, I have to apologize. I don’t have many pictures as my husband and I committed to staying in the moment and having fun with our girls so we tried to keep our phones put away and simply enjoy ourselves. This is something I highly recommend you try, especially when we all seemed to be glued to our phones in recent months.

There are 4 Kalahari Resorts across the country, including the one here in PA.  The other 3 are in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin; Sandusky, Ohio, and Round Rock, TX.  They all have similar attractions such as the indoor water park but with different setups and variations. They also have many outdoor attractions that were closed for the season, but we hope to head back up there and check those out this summer.  Those include a ropes course, outdoor waterpark, and outdoor putt-putt.  

We opted for a 2 bedroom suite, but the resort has many different room types. Some have bunk beds for the kids, others have living areas with 2 bedrooms, and there are large family suites with up to 5 bedrooms!  They have a room for any number of guests and occasions to include a honeymoon suite.  The only accessible room available though is a standard room with 2 queen beds and they do not give details on what makes it accessible on the website so assume standard ADA bathroom is about it.  With Covid, certain items had been removed like the coffee pot so be sure when you are booking rooms you ask if any amenities are not available due to Covid.  

The food was outstanding and the service in the restaurants was great! Meals are not included as this is not an all-inclusive type resort.   The restaurants were spaced nicely for the most part and our servers were always wearing masks.  Breakfast was done buffet-style but with servers.  I was not crazy about this as it led to people having to gather at different stations and there just wasn’t the room to stay 6 feet apart.  Everyone we saw was good about wearing masks though.  Not all of the restaurants were open though and reservations were required at Double Cut Charcoal Grill and Sortino’s Italian Kitchen. We ate dinner Saturday at Double Cut and it was amazing!   There were plenty of sweets and treats at all hours and my girls maintained a nice sugar high all weekend!  The Last Bite has ice cream, candies, fudge, caramel apples, and more.  You can also have pizza delivered to your room.  

The waterpark was the highlight of the trip for my girls.  The price is included in your room booking, but if you are looking for a day trip you can buy a day pass.  This was the main area where Covid precautions were difficult to adhere to.  Masks were recommended when walking around or lounging but for safety reasons were not worn on the attractions.  For the most part, though no one was wearing masks at all except for the employees.  They have cabanas for rent that help keep you a little more isolated from others but we found a table nicely spaced from other tables and set up base there.  Then I saw my kids and husband every once in a while as we would check back in with big smiles sharing what slide we had been on.  One daughter rides everything and one is more cautious and enjoys the lazy river so my husband and I took turns on different attractions with them.  

The arcade, indoor putt-putt, escape room, etc. are all just outside the waterpark.  We spent our evenings there and had a great time.  My girls love taking on their daddy in air hockey and hope one day they manage to beat him.  These activities all cost extra though and are not included in your room price.  

Overall, our weekend was a nice getaway.  I was hoping to see more cleaning going on than I did of high-touch areas and common spaces.  Maybe it was just timing though and they were doing it, but I did not see it.  They had signs everywhere reminding of CDC guidelines.  As this pandemic has continued, I hope you have figured out your level of comfort with getting out of your home.  I’ll admit, I was a little anxious but it was really good for my girls to get a small vacation, have some fun and interact with other people.  

How are you feeling about travel (even within your state) right now?

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