Besides being a travel advisor, I am also a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and have completed the Executive Certificate in Home Modifications through the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology at USC.

What does that mean?  

Well, I have been trained in diseases and injuries as well as the normal aging process and their impact on a person’s life. I focus on a person holistically and my goal is to maximize independence and improve quality of life wherever I can. I know how much their environment can limit a person’s abilities or help them succeed. I also know how that environment can be changed or modified to allow a person maximum independence.  

And, contrary to popular belief, leisure is within the scope of occupational therapy.  There are endless scientific studies proving that leisure is an integral part of a person’s physical and mental health. And because travel is one of my favorite leisure activities I decided to combine my two passions and become a travel advisor focusing on those who may feel travel is off-limits to them.

I want to make travel available to everyone as I feel it is important to explore, learn, and relax to be healthy and grow. Travel helps us destress and form deeper connections with those we travel with. It can expand our knowledge and it can also just be FUN!  

But for many, travel does not seem possible because of injury, disease, or simply getting older.

Benefits of a Travel Advisor with Occupational Therapy Experience

My training and education have given me the knowledge necessary to know how to make travel possible for anyone, creating an unforgettable vacation and allowing you to enjoy every aspect of it you have dreamed of by taking the limitations away and finding solutions.  From renting medical equipment, finding special transportation and accessible tours, knowledge of restaurants accommodating to food allergies, and providing a wider range of travel options, I can help with whatever you may need.

So, if you have something holding you back from your dream vacation, whether you view it as a “special need” or not, set up a consult with me to explore your options and remove barriers.  

Please Note: I am not offering occupational therapy services.  I am simply sharing how I feel working in occupational therapy makes me a better travel advisor. 

To get in touch with Traci Conner to see the benefits of having a travel advisor with occupational therapy training, fill out our trip planning form and choose Traci as your travel advisor.

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