My family and I recently took a day trip to Roundtop Mountain Resort for some snow tubing.  With my kids doing virtual school and the COVID-19 numbers in our area being high we have not gotten out much lately.  But recently the governor here in Pennsylvania eased our restrictions and more things have opened up.  And this week my kids will go to school in person for 2 full days!  

So, we decided it was time to venture out in a safe way.  Roundtop Mountain Resort is a Vail Resort here in Central PA. They are currently controlling the number of people by requiring guests to register for time slots, masks are required the whole time except when eating and drinking, and all transactions must be cashless.  

Because of the reservation system, it did not feel crowded and we got several runs in during our two-hour window. After tubing, we enjoyed hot chocolate and snacks, including pizza and chicken strips, in the lodge.

My husband was thrilled to learn that they have ski and snowboard lessons starting at age 3 and now plans to take our girls to learn to ski.  I don’t know much about skiing, having never done it myself so I plan on sticking to tubing!  

Roundtop Mountain Resort
Traci rocking the tubing game.

Tubing is a great activity because no experience is necessary, just grab your tube and the fun begins.  Roundtop has ten large tubing lanes for ages 5 and older serviced by a magic carpet lift (if you’ve never used one, it’s similar to a moving walkway they sometimes have in airports).  Tuns are 800 feet long and have a vertical drop of 80 feet.  

They also have a kiddie tubing area for kids under 4.  The smaller child-sized tubes are great for the younger ones.  This hill is easy to walk up—or if your child is very small—can be pulled back up in the tube by the parent.  

We have not traveled at all this past year and these day trips when we can get them have become so important.  Everyone is tired of staying home. Getting out for a few hours really to burn off some energy makes a difference in how we feel and treat each other.  

For our next trip, we are planning to spend a couple of nights at a resort in the Pocono Mountains so check back for updates on that. In August we have planned a trip to Orange Beach, AL to celebrate my in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary.  I am so excited about our trip to the beach as it will have been 4 years since I have been to this beautiful beach in Alabama.  

Are you venturing out for day trips or even going so far as to book a vacation in the next year?  Do you have some in-state getaways that are safe to do now?  As more people are able to get the vaccine I am excited about the prospects of travel returning, especially into 2022.  For now, I love finding new places around us here in PA to help us get away safely.  

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