Recently Travel Advisor Traci Conner and her family visited decided to visit a theme park and she wanted to share her experience visiting Hersheypark during Covid-19.

Hershey has made every effort to reduce contact and keep everyone safe.    First, you must purchase tickets online.  You can add on a parking pass and drink or dining deals you want at this time.  This does not guarantee entry though as you must follow a link provided in your confirmation email to make a reservation for the day you want to visit the park.  They are limiting the number of people each day so this step is essential!

Hersheypark during covid-19

Upon arrival there were signs everywhere reminding guests to wear masks, how to wear masks properly, and CDC guidelines for hand washing and social distancing.  Before we could enter the ticketing area our temperature was checked.  Random bag searches were conducted but we were able to breeze through the entry gate.  

I must say the park was a little more crowded than I expected.  Not as bad as a typical summer day, but I still felt social distancing was harder than I thought it would be.  People were wearing masks for the most part and I did hear one park employee ask a young man to put a mask on that was not wearing one.  There was hand sanitizer at the entry and exit of each ride and there were stickers on the ground to indicate every 6 feet in the lines for rides and food. But we did see many people were not adhering to social distancing though.  Not all rides are open but you can view which rides are closed on the website beforehand or the Hersheypark app while in the park.  It was nice to have the app on the day of for wait times for rides and finding food and drink stations.  

We chose the all day drink deal on our ticket.  We received the refillable souvenir cup and learned we had to fill disposable cups at the drink dispensers and then transfer our drink to our souvenir cup for sanitary purposes.  I appreciated receiving a clean cup each time.  We had lunch at the Chick-Fil-A (hey, we are originally from GA!) and enjoyed outdoor dining as there was no indoor dining.  All food was prepared to go and an employee was wearing a mask and gloves to distribute condiments, napkins and straws. 

Hersheypark during covid-19

Overall my kids had a good time and were thrilled to finally be able to go to Hersheypark.  We did not do the water park this trip.  We will save that for when Covid-19 is no longer an issue.  I will be honest in saying though that we will not go back this year.  I felt uncomfortable with the crowds and standing in lines so close to people.  I imagine this is the challenge in all amusement parks across the country. 

Have you visited a theme park in the age of Covid?  What was your experience?  Were you also uncomfortable with the crowds or did it not bother you?

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