Can I travel during Covid-19? It’s a question we get a lot at Kinship Vacations, and we wanted to tackle it head on.  

We talked about it a little here, but frankly, that was months ago and a lot has changed and continues to change since then.  

So where can we travel in 2020? It’s not a one-answer-fits-all situation. So before give our opinion, we need to talk about a few things first. 

  1. How risk adverse are you?

By that I mean, can you make last minute plans. How comfortable are you with last minute changes? Are you willing to roll the dice and pivot last moment if you have to? If you are comfortable making last minute travel plans, and can go with the flow if they have to get canceled last minute, then you are ok to go ahead and make your travel plans.

  1. What is the COVID situation where you currently live?

Do you live in a current hot spot? Chances are if you do, you won’t be greeted with open arms at your destination. Many places have quarantine requirements for travelers arriving from certain states (looking at you Texas, California, Florida, Arizona to name a few). 

  1. Are you flying or driving?

Currently we are recommending to our clients to drive where you can. There are so many great places to see and visit within driving distance of where you live. Just be cognizant of the situation where you are driving through. If you must fly, know that you will be required to wear a mask the entire flight, beverage and meal services have been suspended, and some flights are doing better than others and keeping passengers socially distanced.  

  1. What is the situation where you are going?

This is where it starts to get a little tricky.  Many destinations are requiring mandatory negative COVID tests within 72 hours of arrival. The problem is that most testing sites are taking up to 10 days to turn around results. Some destinations still have mandatory quarantine procedures in place to deter travelers from visiting, and they are strictly enforcing them. Finally, if your destination is a current hot spot, or you if you have to travel through one to get there, we recommend rethinking your travel plans. 

So to answer your question: Can I travel during Covid-19? The answer is complicated. For the most part we encourage you to stay local when/where you can. Where you can’t, reach out and we can help you navigate the complicated landscape together. As we gear up for a second wave, we are working closely with clients to protect their precious vacation time and dollars.

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