Digital Marketing is the buzz phrase of quarantine. Everywhere you look, people keep telling you to rehaul your marketing strategy, make good use of this time, and other similar sentiments that tend to be less helpful and more anxiety inducing to the average travel entrepreneur.  But you might be wondering what to do when social media has you overwhelmed in your travel business.

That’s why today I wanted to talk about a few strategies for social media marketing that you can take to heart today to ease the anxiety of getting started and find clarity in your marketing strategy.

What To Do When Social Media Has You Overwhelmed in Your Travel Business

1. You don’t have to do anything. 

Wait – what? Yep. You heard me. There are plenty of successful travel entrepreneurs out there that don’t heavily market on social media. Here’s the kicker. They have a great affinity for networking and list building and have an established email list that they consistently talk to and market to. But right now in-person marketing or offline marketing strategies are on hold. So in the meantime you have two choices – 1.) Wait for offline strategies to become available again, or 2.) Slowly creep your way into the digital space – which leads me to…..

2. Start small and scale up

Everywhere you turn different platforms are pulling you in a million different directions. It’s hard to know where to look. Instagram! Facebook! Pinterest! Ooooh how about LinkedIn?!

Where are you supposed to start? 

Well the first step is to look at your ideal client write-up. Don’t have one? Check out this video from Krystal Eicher from our last Virtual Travel Career Summit on identifying your ideal client to get started. 

Got it done and in front of you? Great!

Now pick ONE. One platform. One social media profile. And that’s it. And pick the one that your ideal client uses most and show up consistently with quality content. Then ignore the rest. When you are comfortable, add a second that complements the one you are good at.

3. Get organized, set some rules, batch, and schedule.

Make a running list of content ideas. Quality is key – consistent crap will lead to consistently crappy leads.  Not sure where to start? Let’s go back to that ideal client write-up – what are your ideal client’s pain points? Their struggles? Questions? Start there. 

Then commit to a schedule and show up accordingly with quality material that your audience is looking for. Maybe that’s 3 times a week to start. Remember that consistency builds confidence with your client base. You can always scale up. It’s harder to scale back. 

4. Finally – batch your work, schedule, but don’t be done.

Check in on a regular basis to engage and connect with your audience on your posts. Most people will schedule their social media at the beginning of the month, then step away entirely and wonder what the problem is. You have to engage on the platform that you are marketing in. And it doesn’t have to be a crazy amount – 10 minutes a day should do just fine. 

At the end of the day, don’t fall prey to perfection paralysis. Once you get started you’ll start to discover quickly what resonates with your audience, what’s working and what’s not. 

One final tip – don’t forget to incorporate YOU into your social media. Most of us get so caught up in the travel photos and supplier sourced information that we forget to put a face to our brand. In short – don’t do that. 

Drop your chosen platform and social media handles below so we can check in on your progress. 

And until next time, happy wanderlusting!

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