Summer is taking off and the great debates are starting in our industry once again – should I stay or should I go?

What started as a few weeks or a few months interruption in travel planning, has started to morph into a benching of the 2020 season. Many agents I know are struggling with what to talk about from here. So let’s talk about it. 

The most important thing you can do as a travel advisor right now is continue to be generous with your information and establish yourself as an expert.

So here are the top things I think we should be talking about to our clients and how to stay relevant to travelers when no one wants to travel:

Share Travel Advisories 

Stay relevant by sharing updated travel advisory information – there’s never a shortage of information. It changes daily. And there is so much nuance to all of the information. You don’t just need to know about the travel advisories where you live, but also where you are going, and any place you pass through along the way. Most travelers see misleading headlines like “Italy is Open.” Explaining the phases of reopening and the mandated rules when you get there help travelers make informed decisions on whether or not to travel. 

Take a stand 

There are a lot of issues surrounding our world today. Whether or not you choose to take a stand on #blacklivesmatter, protests, whether you should/should not travel during Corona is ultimately up to you and your ideal client. Similar to niching down and getting very specific in your marketing, there is a risk to taking a stand and putting yourself out there. But with high risk comes high reward, and the payoff is a better alignment with your audience and clients. 

Keep your clients wanderlusting

Just because travel may be out for most international destinations, doesn’t mean that people aren’t itching to get out. Most don’t know what they can or can’t do during this time. It’s the paradox of choice, ultimately travelers shut down and do nothing. It’s your job to spotlight opportunities and walk people through what it looks like again.

Plan your own travels and document the process.  

The “when” may still be up in the air, but I know you. You’ve got the itch to go. Tell us and your clients WHERE. Explain your decision making process on the WHEN. By leading the way, you are showing your clients how to navigate the information being put out there. 

When you talk about the WHEN talk about your vantage point. 

We are all scattered across the United States, with different experiences and perspectives. All of that is why we have such differing opinions on whether or not travel is safe. Talk about it. Give the reasons why you are making the decisions to travel or not to travel. 

By continuing to share information with your clients, you continue to remind them of one of the most important reasons to hire you in the first place – your expertise and advocacy. So don’t go silent. Continue to spread the good travel word. That way when travelers are ready, you’ll be top of mind. 

Do you have any advice on how to stay relevant to travelers when no one wants to travel?

If you need a little more structure with your content sharing, be sure to check out our Social Media Calendar for Travel Advisors.

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