Perhaps now more than ever, traveling has a very bleak outlook. With a rush to cancel trips or change them to a much later date, some of us were, unfortunate, like me, to get a very poor airline credit to fly at a later date but the flights must be booked by a certain date that isn’t feasible. The only problem is it’s hard to decide a location prior to that date, when I’m not sure where we’ll even be in this current situation. We keep in mind that while we are deep in the throes of the Coronavirus DiseaseThis won’t last forever. 

I’m left pondering how things will change once the stay at home orders and travel bans have been lifted.  And I have to believe that there will be a rise in domestic travel post-coronavirus.

What will travel look like after all of this?

I had a conversation with Kathleen Sullivan of Anthology Travel about what her thoughts were, and I’m in agreement, on what travel will look like in the immediate following of the stay at home order and travel bans. Although this is not set in stone it looks like travelers will be tighter on money due to the economy, possible job loss and a certain amount of fear involved with travel. With this in mind, a lot of travelers may become more interested in domestic travel. 

What will domestic travel look like?

With some travelers feeling a tighter budget and/or concerns about straying too far from home, this may be a staycation in their location city instead of flying internationally. This can also look like taking that long summer vacation and cutting it down to a long weekend somewhere. Possibly travelers will be traveling more often, at least for a short while, via trains and automobiles. 

This is actually some great news for you as a traveler. You’ll be able to see parts of the US that you’ve never seen before! You could even take a ride on a train to reach your destination and maybe the government might take a better look at adding high-speed rails like many countries around the world with travelers using more roads and trains, wishful thinking right? 

Expect, to check out places such as National Parks, National Monuments, and some iconic locations unique to the US. For my family, we just booked a vacation to Tucson, AZ. We’ve been stationed there for a number of years, but like many people that live in a place for a while, you don’t always explore your city to the fullest. There were many places we never went to in Tucson such as Sabino Canyon, Saguaro National Park East or West and Madera Canyon. We only saw one of The Great Natural Wonders of the World, The Grand Canyon, ONCE the whole time we lived there. I see this Coronavirus Disease as an opportunity to explore our local area. On the way, we’ll be stopping in Albuquerque NM, another place that’s been on my list but I’ve been too busy going to Disney or traveling internationally. 

What will travel be like after Coronavirus Disease?

I believe that the travel industry is going to rebound as it has done time and again. Perhaps, more travelers will put their trust in travel advisors and book more vacations with them. However, the suppliers such as Disney, hotels, airlines, tour operators, and more will for sure put out aggressive deals to get travelers, traveling.

This right now with the right travel advisor for you is a great time to book a vacation. Maybe you need help with the planning and logistics of planning your road trip to Mount Rushmore or a train vacation going up the Pacific Coast Highway. Whatever you decide to do remember that travel advisors will be in your corner. 

Where do you want to travel after all this is over? 

To get in contact with Dina to start planning your domestic travel post-coronavirus, or wherever you want to go when you’re ready to get out there, head over to her website.

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