I’ve said time and again that Disney understands that they have guests that visit their parks with so many different levels of accessibility. Each guest experience is unique, and Disney, in particular, is very accommodating when helping guests with special needs to enjoy the parks just like anyone else. That’s why I’m going to talk about visiting Disney using the Disability Access Service.

With this in mind, Disney did have to make some changes to their original Disability Access Service. Guests were, unfortunately, taking advantage of the original service, which acted in essence like a front of the line pass for DAS guests. Due to the fraudulent misuse of the service, Disney had to step in and make changes that made this service fair for everyone.

In this post, I wanted to share information about the DAS and how it can make everyone in your party’s day a little more magical. If you are considering a vacation to Disney please let me know in advance about any special needs or disabilities so that I can address it with Disney and ensure I book you an accessible room if you need it and guide you more in-depth on what to do at Disney to make your trip extra magical.

What is DAS?

DAS is intended for guests whose disability prevents them from waiting in a line. All guests must have a valid Disney park ticket in order to use the DAS. This service provides guests with a return time for rides, which is basically the same way a FastPass is issued but instead, a DAS guest’s return times are valid until park closing. Additionally, this service provides assistance to guests that are unable to use stairs, etc. DAS guests will be escorted or directed to an alternate entrance to a ride. Finally, the DAS can be used in addition to the FastPass service. Please note, however, just like the FastPass system guests can only have one active return time at a time. As soon as the return time is used up then guests may obtain a new one for the same ride or a different ride.

How do I get a DAS?

Disney will not ask you to prove your disability, but it is very helpful for me and the cast members to know what your limitations are, there are legal restrictions for asking for proof. This way you will be presented with the best way to accommodate you. Disney will work on a case by case basis with each guest to determine what is the best plan of action for making your day one to remember. Head over to any Guest Relations at any of the Disney parks. If the line is too long at Guest Relations, head over to the Info Booth Kiosk. Please remember cast members are there to help you, try to explain how best they can accommodate you.

I have a DAS now how do I use it?

As I stated above the DAS gives the DAS guest and their party a return time. This time is comparable to the same amount of time you would have had to wait in line. Please make the cast member at the entrance to the ride aware when you are getting your return time that you may need an alternate entrance to get on the ride. They will be more than happy to assist you in doing this! This is something to take away if you are in a wheelchair or scooter or you have a temporary disability. There are elevators and alternative entrances that cast members will help you access.

Make sure you download the Disney app to keep track of your return times. This will keep you organized. While you are waiting on your return time go off and grab a bite to eat or meet some characters or even catch a parade. This makes the most out of your day by removing yourself from the lines and having fun while you are waiting “virtually.”

Once your return time window approaches the DAS guest MUST ride the ride to honor the DAS. If the DAS guest determines for any reason that they do not wish to ride that ride the remaining guests in their party must either the standard line or the FastPass attached to their ticket. There are no exceptions.

This is just a generalized post on what the DAS and visiting Disney using the Disability Access Service. The DAS is not one size fits all, which is why I again encourage you to be open with how you can be accommodated. With this in mind, there isn’t a pass that will provide someone else with a better spot in a line. This system is in place to help guests that can’t stand in conventional lines or may need a little help to make their day that much more magical at the parks.

Finally, even with this system, Disney might not be the right choice for your family and that okay! That is part of my job to plan a vacation that meets the needs of everyone in your family and determine where to best go.

So, if Disney isn’t the ticket we can discuss a different theme park or location that would be better for everyone in your party. I’m here to help curious-minded families to unify bonds through exploration and travel. Let me help you make this next vacation your best one yet!

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