You’re planning at trip to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort but you don’t want to travel all the way to Tokyo not to see anything else in Japan, right? However, you should go and see other things while you are in Tokyo. And that’s why I suggest you take your kids to Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa Tokyo.

Tokyo Disneyland sits on the outskirts of Tokyo and is actually kind of far away from all the action that is the life’s breath of Tokyo. Take some time, or allow me to make some time for you and your family to EXPLORE Tokyo while you vacation in Tokyo.

Tokyo is a city that is ever-changing but holds fast to some traditions. We saw a lot more than Asakusa Senso-jii, but this icon temple is a MUST DO when visiting Tokyo.

The entire area is full of shops, food, and people. We even bumped into a Turkish ice cream vendor there! Perhaps the best part of visiting the temple was sharing a different culture with our son, a different way some practice their religion, and to see something that is so far removed from our own culture that it would create lasting memories for him.

At this point, he was full of vigor and vim and happy to explore. Two days later he was done, and thank goodness I penciled in a rest day at the hotel to just relax so that we could be ready to walk around the Disney Parks for two days!

Are you ready to get started planning a trip of a lifetime to Tokyo and Senso-ji Temple? Then visit my website to get started planning a vacation that will create last memories for your family!

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