I have always been very comfortable in my own skin. If I want to see a movie and can’t find anyone to join I will go by myself. Why miss out on something because no one else is interested? That is the same for traveling. But I know many others don’t feel the same. So I wanted to share my tips for solo female travel.

I got my love of travel at a young age. My father is the king on wanderers, never staying in one place long enough to grow any kind of roots. My Mom was a huge traveler, wanting to see the world at every opportunity that presented itself.

So, it’s no wonder I am a gypsy at heart. But I don’t always have someone to travel with. My children are grown and, for the most part, gone. My husband works a lot and when he does have time off, he enjoys sitting in front of the TV with a beer and watching sports. Because of this I am usually a solo traveler (every once in a while, I do drag my teenager, but lately that has become more of a chore)

I have found that I love to travel solo and quite frankly prefer it.

I don’t like to share hotel rooms (if you make even the slightest noise when you sleep I can’t sleep and I need my rest) so its easier to be alone than try to explain to your travel companion that you prefer a room to yourself. Often when you travel with someone, they like the idea of sharing the cost. I would rather pay the extra and get the sleep I need than save money and not enjoy my trip.

I also like the idea of doing exactly what I want to do when I want to do it. Sometimes I just want to drive around and see what there is to see. When I go to a seaside location, much of my time is spent with iPod in ear, and me walking an hour both morning and night along the shore. Just me, my tunes and the ocean waves.

Another reason I love traveling solo is the empowerment it gives me. It allows me time to decompress, and I mean really decompress. No one to argue with, no one else to please, no one. Just me, my thoughts and the opportunity to imagine a world all about me! As a wife and mother that isn’t something I get to experience often.

Tips for Solo Female Travel

But as a woman who travels solo there are things I do to maintain my safety.

Here are 5 tips for solo female travel:

  1. Share Your Itinerary: Give a detailed copy of your itinerary to a spouse, family member or friend. Let them know where you are staying and what your general plan is. If I decide to deviate from any of my plans I will send a quick text to my husband. Sometimes he is the only one who knows where I am but at least he knows my plans.
  2. Stay in Contact: You don’t have to have continuous contact with someone, hey the whole idea is getting needed time to yourself. But have regular contact with someone. Drop them a quick text daily to let them know you’re good to go.
  3. Avoid traveling alone at night: Unless you are in a well lite busy place. Avoid the bus or train at night. I always take a cab or uber if I have to go somewhere at night and I always let my contact
    know when and where I am headed. When I stayed in DC for 5 days my hotel was within
    walking distance from the mall but I didn’t walk there at night.
  4. Write Down Your Accommodation: I always grab the business card or ask front desk/concierge to write down the name, address, and phone number of my accommodation. That way if I get lost or am in a cab and can’t communicate with a driver, I can hand it to them and I can get back home.
  5. Take a Walking Tour: If I am in a new city I often will take a walking tour. Not only will I learn about the new city but I will also get a lay of the land and often times the tour guide can give you a heads up about areas of the city that are not safe.

With these few tips, a plan and a little bit of wander lust, a woman can enjoy the world. On her own terms.

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