Here at Kinship Vacations, we know values are really important for organizations to steer them strategically and to check in on a periodic basis to see you’re still in line with their values. As a newly independent host agency in the Travel Leaders Consortia, our Owner Ashley Metesh-McCoy and our Marketing Guru Krystal Eicher got together to bring you the value statement of Kinship Vacations.

  1. Agent Centric focus
    • We take care of our agents so they take care of our clients. 
    • We value supplier relationships that best support our agents.
    • Continuing education and professional development for ourselves and our agents
    • Bottom up organizational structure
    • We believe in the abundance of opportunity – It’s not about taking a bigger slice of the pie. It’s about making more pies.
    • We meet you where you are – no matter where you are on your journey
  2. Inclusive environment for all agents and all agency models
    • We enable an environment that allows you to do you. 
    • We adapt to fit your needs
    • Community and collaboration over competition – a rising tide lifts all boats
  3. We believe we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. 
    • We will always have a soft spot for the military community. We aim to be at the forefront of military spouse unemployment from a grassroots effort.
    • We practice business in an environmentally and socially responsible way by partnering with suppliers that uphold those values, and implementing strategic business practices that support those efforts as well. 
    • Zero tolerance for bigotry and discrimination
    • Big believers in Karma and want to continue passing on the good vibes and put out good juju into the universe. 
  4. We believe in supporting and shaping the next generation of travel advisors. 
    • Everyone has something to contribute – we see your potential before you do and we are experts at helping you understand what you have to give
    • You get what you pay for and you get what you put in
    • We don’t accept “no” – we want to figure out how. Everything is figureoutable.
    • We believe in a more holistic approach in our host agency – you need to have touch points with mindset and business operations and marketing and industry knowledge. 
    • We don’t view change or new ideas with fear, but with an open mind and bit curiosity.
    • We try to be early adopters of new tech and systems operations to support a modern travel advisor. 
  5. We focus on the big picture / long term – no short-sightedness
    • We prioritize our own mental and physical health above all else.
    • Work smarter not harder. 
    • We are a family. We celebrate each others wins and support each other through our struggles. 
    • We know that this is hard sometimes. And we are here to support you in those valleys and celebrate you during your peaks. 
    • Starting a business is a marathon, not a sprint

If you enjoy what you see in our value statement and would like to learn more about joining the Kinship Vacations team, head over to our site for more information.

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