Tokyo Disney Resort is a fun and wonderful theme park on the outskirts of Tokyo right near the sea! You can actually see the sea from Tokyo DisneySea! We had a wonderful two days exploring both parks.

I don’t think you need to devote more than 2 days for the parks unless you are really, really looking to do and see everything. They are both a lot smaller than the US parks so they are both fairly easy to navigate. While Tokyo Disneyland is basically a reflection of Disneyland in California you’ll find some really amazing offerings in both theming, food, and rides from Tokyo DisneySea.

Any time of year is a good time to go to the Tokyo Disney Resort but, I recommend going when there aren’t any Japanese national holidays to keep the crowd levels a little bit lower. The parks do tend to get busy but if you went during American holidays you’d see a little less crowding. Be prepared, however, unlike the American Parks the Japanese run all over the parks and no one tells them to stop! It’s okay there.

If you are at all a fan of Disney’s Society of Explorers and Adventurers, you will find a wealth of restaurants and rides mention S.E.A. It’s kind of a fun easter egg to learn more about Disney! One of my favorite rides out of all the Disney theme parks is there, nestled in the belly of Mount Prometheus you’ll find “Journey into the Center of the Earth.”

This is a thrill ride clearly disguised as a dark ride. I won’t spoil too much but in the end you’ll be rushing to get out of the center of the earth. We also enjoyed sampling the different churros and popcorn flavors all over the parks. I loved soy sauce and butter popcorn and the strawberry churro. You should devote a good portion of your trip to sampling all of them if you can!

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