You’ve visited Disney in the past.  You’ve seen the never-ending changes the Disney Parks pride themselves on.  You’ve sampled the food. You’ve stood in line for some of the newest and most popular rides and attractions.  But now you’re looking for a new Disney experience. There are some hidden experiences that some guests have never heard about or simply believe aren’t worth it.  Today, I’m going to dispel that myth and break down some of my favorite Disney splurges you won’t regret and are going to love! 

VIP Tour  

VIP tours are offered at all Disney Parks.  They vary from park to park with different price ranges but you get to choose how you want to spend your day. Most VIP tours allow you to get on all the rides you want.  You essentially have unlimited fast passes to use with your guide. You can’t “skip the line” but you will be escorted to the fast pass line to skip the stand-by passengers and drastically cut down your wait time.  This experience takes the magic of Disney to a completely new level. Plus, you’ll find your time at Disney spent wisely and stress and line-free! I also can’t help but say that the VIP Tour Guides are some of the best cast members in all the Disney Parks. 

Disney After Hours Event 

Don’t discount this amazing deal from Disney.  Yes, it is an additional cost and more expensive than the day entrance to the parks. But you get 3 hours in the park after closing to ride as many rides as you want while you enjoy light refreshments and snacks for the price of admission.  It is worth it because it is a limited ticketed event which means crowd levels are almost non-existent. This is how I’d visit the parks when my kids are older since the events are typically held…after hours. Also, if you are a photographer like me you can get some of the most amazing photos of iconic Disney buildings with an almost empty park.  Why aren’t you calling me right now to book your vacation?  

Staying on Disney Property  

With all the amenities Disney has to offer, it’s a wonder that more people don’t stay on property.  They offer complimentary luggage pickup and drop off from the airport, complimentary shuttle service, RFID magic bands that allow you to check-in online and skip the front desk at check-in (they also act as your ticket and your FastPass while in the parks), access to the parks during Extra Magic Hours, pools and special events for hotel guests only.  They also have some of the most comfortable rooms and suites and you don’t have to leave the magic of Disney when you leave the parks. I would recommend taking your splurge further and staying in a Deluxe resort. Enjoy nightly turndown service and some fun amenities for the kids, plus some of the best spas and dining on Disney property. It is a splurge you’ll thank yourself for later.  

Character Meals  

Even as an adult, a character meal is a fun and unique experience.  You get to enjoy some amazing food and skip the long lines to meet the characters because they come right to your table to interact and have fun.  This is where the Disney experience truly shines. My sons have enjoyed chatting with Flynn Rider, sharing cookies with Mickey Mouse, and chasing down Goofy because he “stole” my son’s birthday cupcake.  Plus, a lot of the character meals are buffets too so you get to eat as much as you like and you don’t have to worry about your kids NOT eating!

Disney Parties  

Another extra and after-hours event option is the holiday parties. We went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  It was neat to collect candy on candy trails and see Mickey and Friends dressed up in their Halloween Costumes. Also, many of the Villians make an appearance during the Halloween Party.  Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is also an amazing event that offers unique holiday treats and decorations. The best part is it “snows” at Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. As a part of the Christmas Party, you’ll get to enjoy some milk and cookies with the price of admission.  

Disney is truly an experience that no kid or kid-at-heart will ever forget.  There comes a time when it’s…well, time to change things up and see Disney in a different light.  These splurges are meant to be fun and make any visit to the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort an amazing experience you’ll never forget.  

Have you tried out any of these splurges?  

If you want to easily plan your next trip to Disney, reach out to Dina so she can take care of everything for you. What are you waiting for?

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