Travel is an essential part of being a travel advisor. We scout new locations to find hidden gems, we revisit our favorite places to keep up to date, and, hey, we also like to travel for fun. With all of that travel we have collected a few of our favorite items that are must-haves for us.

Check out Dina’s favorites below and find links to get her must-haves for yourself.

  1. An inflatable foot rest.  This is so comfortable and you can use it as extra sleeping space for your kids!  It is allowed on most aircraft in certain seats such as the window seat. It’s been a lifesaver for me to travel with my kids.  
  2. A Cardigan. I always bring a cardigan with me no matter where I go.  I hate being cold, especially on airplanes or at the airport.  I get cold really easily so I always pack one in my carryon bag. 
  3. An external battery.  I snap way too many photos while I’m on vacation so I need to my phone to be charged all the time.  Plus at Disney when using the My Disney Experience app it zaps the juice out of your battery. I bring an external battery with me there so I don’t have to go out and purchase Disney’s batteries and so I don’t have to stay plugged into one of their free USB outlets.  
  4. Hand Sanitizer.  I don’t travel without it!  You never know what you are going to encounter on your travels or if the bathrooms don’t have soap! 
  5. A water bottle.  I always pack a water bottle because I hate being thirsty on the plane and it helps me to pop my ears as the elevation increases! 

And that’s it! Short and sweet list of Dina’s travel favorites. Do you share any of hers or do you have completely different ones? Let us know in the comments!

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