Travel is an essential part of being a travel advisor. We scout new locations to find hidden gems, we revisit our favorite places to keep up to date, and, hey, we also like to travel for fun. With all of that travel we have collected a few of our favorite items that are must-haves for us.

Check out Krystal’s favorites below and find links to get her must-haves for yourself.

  1. A pashmina I may have a problem, but I LOVE a good pashmina.  Spritz a little essential oils and you have a wonderful mask for those uncomfortable hot subway rides in the summer. Use as a shoulder cover when you need a little more modesty in those beautiful European Cathedrals. Bundle up in the evening when the sun goes down.  Use as a wrap on a cold airplane. Functional and beautiful, it’s my ultimate travel accessory. 
  2. A good multi-port USB wall charger.  There are never enough outlets for #allthethings in hotels.  But a multi-port charger lets me plug in my phone, external battery, camera, and ipad all in one outlet.  
  3. An external battery.  Thank goodness these are getting lighter and more efficient. But having an external battery has saved me more times than I can count while out and about. Nothing worse than your phone battery running low right as you need to show your boarding pass or take that insta-worthy photo.  
  4. Spritz hand sanitizer. Not all public bathrooms are created equally, and women especially have a hard time.  But a quick spray down of a toilet seat and a quick clean up after can get you on your way. 
  5. Quality headphones. I love my bose headphones and never leave without them. Whichever brand you prefer, I hate the cheap disposable sets that come with audio guides or on airplanes. Even worse when they are not disposable. My bose sports set wrap up compactly and are easy to pull out when I need them.  Plus it helps to drown out the ambient noise when I really want to enjoy a quiet minute at a cafe. 

And that’s it! Short and sweet list of Krystal’s travel favorites. Do you share any of hers or do you have completely different ones? Let us know in the comments!

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