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Tempted by the beauty and adventure in river cruising but scared that you will be the only person under the age of 75 on the boat? You’re not alone. Most millennials choose other types of cruises because they are under the impression that river cruising is just for old people. And while, yes, many river cruises are enjoyed by older generations, there are many aspects to river cruising that will appeal to younger generations and new cruises are being developed specifically for millennials.

Here’s what you need to know:
River cruises are way different than ocean cruises. Because they go on rivers, these cruises take you through the hearts of cities, allowing you to see more and do more. River cruise ships are also much smaller than ocean liners, which means that when you do get off on land you’re not one of the thousands doing so. You’ll feel much more like an insider and less of an intruder when you enjoy a river cruise.


Budapest at night.

Without necessarily even trying, river cruises consider exactly what millennials want and need for a better experience. River cruise ships are essentially adaptable floating hotels, taking you and your friends through the most gorgeous, sought-after locations in Europe – and at a price, you can (seriously) afford. A fun way to see Europe (without the pains of giant backpacks and hostels), here are some of the biggest advantages of river cruising:

  • More time in ports. Because they know people actually want to see the cities they cruise through, river cruises give guests more time in ports so that you don’t feel rushed when it comes time to disembark.
  • Overnight opportunities. And, because there’s a big difference between day activities and nightlife, many of these cruises are also offering overnight opportunities in certain ports, which allows you to hit the clubs and restaurants you want without worrying about trying to chase your boat down by train or taxi the next day.
  • Active options. While your idea of cruising might involve very little physical activity, a lot of people really want to do things on their trips. As such, many river cruise lines are offering more opportunities for active guests by having things like bikes on board for complimentary in-city use and awesome yoga classes each morning.
why river cruising is for millennials

Bicycles along the Danube River.

If you’ve never been on a river cruise before, I encourage you to reach out to your trusted travel advisor so they can match you with the perfect river cruise experience for you. River cruise lines range in quality from basic to ultra-luxury; they range in pricing from economy + al a carte options to fully-inclusive; they range in vibe from family-friendly to Palace of Versailles decadence.
One specific river cruise line debuted last year which was designed specifically for millennials (though they welcome guests of all ages), U by Uniworld. These are affordable, active, and fun. Here are some of their itineraries:

  • Paris to Paris: The ultimate “Seine Experience”, this cruise is an 8-day trip that will take you beyond the typical Paris sights (although you’ll still get that shot of the Eiffel Tower you need).
  • Amsterdam to Frankfurt: 8 days “Rolling on the Rhine” will change the way you think of Europe. And, because you’ll disembark each day, you’ll get to ride cruisers along the canals of Amsterdam too.
  • Regensburg to Budapest: From Germany to Hungary, you’ll see beautiful old-world European towns. Stops in iconic towns, like Vienna, will give you the experience you want with the relaxation you need.

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And because these cruises are designed for millennials, you’ll find that your time on board the boat is just as much fun as your time exploring Europe on foot. Mixology classes and wine tasting, as well as great DJs, will make sure you and your friends are entertained 24/7.
I hope I’ve proved my point that river cruising is not just for “old people” (whatever “old” means, anyway!) If you’re ready to get your next river cruise planned, reach out to us by filling out our trip planning form and we’ll get you scheduled for a complimentary river cruise planning session!
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In the meantime….
Happy Wanderlusting!
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