Enchanting Christmas Locations Around the World

If the heat of the summer has you daydreaming about ice skating, below zero temperatures, and all of your favorite holidays – well, you’re not alone. Summertime is a great time to start planning your winter getaways, especially those bucket list Christmas trips. While European Christmas markets are always magical, here are a few other enchanting Christmas vacation locations to consider.


One of the most charming Scandinavian countries, Finland tops itself when it comes to Christmas. From town squares filled with Christmas trees to traditional homemade rice porridge to warm your belly on a cold winter morning, escaping to Finland for the holidays will give you everything you love about Christmas from family time around fires to Santa Claus (or Joulupukki).



The site of Jesus’s birth, Bethlehem is special any time of the year. But, as you can imagine, to be there at Christmas is something many people wait their whole lives to finally do. A visit to the Church of the Nativity, although crowded, is a must.


New York City

Few cities light up the way New York City can. And none can compete with the light show that the Big Apple displays at Christmas. From ice skating at Rockefeller to sleigh rides through Central Park, everything is a memory waiting to happen. And, if it snows, then you’re really in for a treat.


Breckenridge, CO

One of the most charming ski towns in the United States, Christmas in Breckenridge is like being in a real-life snow globe. Once you’ve had your fill of the incredible ski and snowboard runs, there are plenty of great shops and restaurants that line the streets, just waiting for you to come in and warm up.


If you’re thinking about going somewhere this Christmas, don’t wait to plan! Not only can you get some of the best deals if you book hotels and flights in advance, but you can also make sure that any of the tours or activities you are definitely wanting to do are still available. To work with one of Kinship Vacations’ travel experts, please fill out our trip planning form and we’ll get you scheduled for a complimentary Christmas trip-planning session!

In the meantime….


Happy Wanderlusting!


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