Girl’s trips have long been popular among women of almost every age. From bachelorette soirees to “mom escapes” and gal pal adventures with lifelong friends, women know the importance of traveling with their besties – and take advantage of every opportunity they get. Men, on the other hand, are less likely to escape with their fellow guy friends, almost always vacationing with their spouse and family. And while romantic getaways and family-friendly locales are great, there’s something to be said for trips that allow men to really enjoy “the masculine” side of life.
Aptly dubbed “mancations,” these all-male trips are an incredible gift to give to your spouse, significant other – and definitely to yourself.
Below are our four top mancation escapes to book right now…
Classic Kentucky. Kentucky might not seem like the most exciting mancation destination, but, as the home of both the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Bourbon, it really has a lot to offer. Imagine a weekend drinking the best bourbon in the country, right where it’s made, and then spending an afternoon gambling like a gentleman at the race tracks. Sounds pretty great, right? (And would make an unexpected yet unforgettable bachelor weekend, too.)
Monaco Grand Prix. Since 1929, Monaco has been home to one of the most important auto races in the world. A week in Monaco enjoying great food and casinos followed by front row seats at one of the most premier Formula 1 races in the world is enough to make any man’s heart skip a beat.
London + NFL. The NFL continues to gain popularity in London, making it now a regular stop for many NFL teams during football season. While London on its own would make for a spectacular mancation, adding in the excitement of an NFL game would put it over the top (and score you major points with the hubs).

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Yosemite Adventure. A Yosemite Park mancation is the perfect idea for guys who love the thrill of the great outdoors. From hiking, biking and backpacking to incredible fishing and guided tours, there’s enough to do for your guy (and enough you don’t want to do) to make it the perfect man-only nature escape.
If you’d like to surprise the man in your life with a mancation, or as a man, you are looking to treat yourself and your buddies, get in touch with us to start planning right away! Get started by filling out our trip planning form, and we’ll get you scheduled for a free consult.
Better yet, if you can get a group of guys together (10+) to go on a trip, consider yourself a group trip leader in the making! What does that mean? It means you can possibly earn free travel for yourself or others in the group, extra group perks, and/or potentially a share of revenue with Kinship Vacations. Is there an important charitable cause in you and your group’s life? We can share our revenue with you to donate to that cause. What a nice way to spend a vacation, right? To get more info on our group travel opportunities, fill out our group trip leader form.
In the meantime…
Happy Wanderlusting!
 P.S. Its not too late to make this happen for Fathers’ Day! Purchase a Kinship Vacations gift certificate for your favorite dad, and we’ll plan him a trip he’ll never forget!
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