Introducing some amazing military spouses/ moms/ travel pros

This week I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing eight different women for my inaugural Virtual Travel Career Summit for Military Spouses and Veterans. Ironically, all of them are moms, and they all have ties the military or the military lifestyle in some way. Why is this ironic? Well, yesterday was Military Spouse Appreciation Day and tomorrow, of course, is Mother’s Day. So, I thought what better way to celebrate these two very important holidays (to me), than by sharing with you a little bit about these amazing travel entrepreneurs.

Just so you know…the event I hosted on Facebook Live on my group, Travel Advisor Training and Mentorship Program for Military Spouses and Veterans, was a week-long series of presentations and interviews aimed at exposing military spouses and veterans with the opportunities available in the travel industry. Did you know that military spouse unemployment is 16% (compared with ~4% of the US general population)? A career in travel is a really great option for people that frequently move as a result of their spouse’s career requirements – such as military spouses. Also, inevitably this population is well versed in travel due to these frequent moves – so they already have so much travel knowledge to share. I want to help decrease that unemployment rate by educating other milspouses and veterans (like me) on a way they can start a fun, fulfilling, and profitable career in the travel industry.

Travel Business Owner Line-up

During the week of May 7-11, I held two webinars daily. The first webinar had me explaining how and why a travel career is perfect for milspouses and veterans. The second daily webinar was a different travel entrepreneur – from bloggers to agents -discussing their connection to the military (or military lifestyle), their (often) winding careers, and what led them to their current career in travel. Each and every interview was fascinating and different. I encourage you to watch these, follow, and/ or reach out to these ladies as they all have something different and valuable to offer. Also, please share this info with anyone you feel might benefit!

Without further introduction, here are the inspiring military spouses/ moms/ travel pros:

Lisa Fitzgerald and Lisa Collins of Fitzgerald Travel – Longtime friends, military spouses, and business partners specializing in river and ocean cruising

Dee Dee Wheaton of the Wheaton Takeover (family travel blog) and Mackenzie Jervis of A Wandering Scribbler & Co (a blog about traveling solo and also with an infant!) – each of these women are exceptional writers and love to travel


Maggie Hainstock of Unfiltered Journeys (beer travel!) and Wendy Livingston-Guth of Rebel on the Go (transformative travel for women) – each of these women live overseas and discuss the challenges and opportunities as a result of their spouse’s duty station


Judy Fiorello of Sail and Sand Travel (Caribbean, cruises, Disney, romantic getaways) – Judy discusses the challenges and opportunities she faced as a result of her husband’s 26-year Air Force career and how it changed her small-town-Idaho-girl life


Benefsheh Verell of Beneficial, A Mindful Travel Company (mindfulness, yoga, and travel retreats w/ a nonprofit mission of helping veterans deal with PTSD) – Benef is a retired Army officer, milspouse, yoga instructor, and wants to teach the military community to incorporate mindfulness and yoga practices throughout the life of a service member’s career

Again, please reach out to these ladies and/or follow their blogs/ newsletters and/or follow them on social media.

Happy Mother’s Day to my friends and clients! And, Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day as well!

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In the meantime…

Happy Wanderlusting!


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