Unemployment and underemployment of military spouses is approximately four times higher than the general population. Travel-related careers offer a potential solution to this problem.

Ashley & Souk in Morocco

Ashley (right) discusses the natural remedies available in a Berber Pharmacy over a cup of mint tea with her sister, Mikaela (middle) and a Souk-keeper (left); Photo credit: Veronique with Flytographer in Marrakech

WILLIAMSBURG, Virginia – May 7-11, 2018 – Ashley Metesh-McCoy, Owner of Kinship Vacations, LLC, and a military spouse and veteran, will host a week of education and exploration into careers in the travel industry. The information, designed specifically for her fellow military spouses and veterans will be shared via Facebook Live segments.
The weeklong summit will consist of twice-daily Facebook Live Webinars occurring May 7-11.

  • Each day at 11 a.m. (EDT), Metesh-McCoy will explain how a career in travel fits in with the mobile lifestyle of military spouses and veterans.
  • Each day at 2 p.m. (EDT) she will interview travel business owners who are military spouses and/or veterans to showcase the multitude of opportunities in the travel industry and to reveal the journey from military member to entrepreneur.

“By nature of their lifestyle, military spouses and veterans are very well-suited to careers in the travel industry. They move and travel often, so they have substantial knowledge of the ins and outs of travel. Also, due to the high frequency of these changes, military spouses, in particular, desperately need a career that is both portable and fulfilling,” says Kinship Vacations founder, Ashley Metesh-McCoy.
“I want to demonstrate to my fellow veterans and spouses that their careers can be in their own hands, and their work can be both enjoyable and lucrative. I want to share how travel entrepreneurship has changed my life for the better as a veteran and milspouse.” 
“There are plenty of programs out there to get people started with a travel business, but none specifically that address the challenges and opportunities for milspouses and veterans.”
To participate in the free summit join the Travel Advisor Training and Mentorship Training Program for Military Spouses and Veterans at https://bit.ly/2JUcvsk
Ashley Metesh-McCoy spent her childhood as an Army brat. As an adult, she enlisted in the Army National Guard before completing ROTC at the University of Washington in Seattle. She spent the remainder of her military career as a Military Intelligence Officer, including one deployment to Afghanistan where she met her husband of 10+ years. Her husband, Michael “Kelly” McCoy still serves as an Army Strategist. Together they enjoy the love of their too-smart four-year-old, Zora and their two misbehaving rescue dogs, Albie and Mini.
After Ashley’s career in the Army, she earned an MBA from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She then worked for Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise conglomerate, where she created the company’s first Competitive Intelligence Program. Now she owns her own travel businesses: Kinship Vacations and the Peregrine Kinship Travel Blog.
For more details, contact Ashley Metesh-McCoy – www.kinshipvacations.comashley@kinshipvacations.com (307) 200-7208 – Williamsburg, VA

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