While many Americans misunderstand the real history behind Cinco de Mayo (it’s not “Mexican Independence Day” but rather a celebration of an 1862 battle when a small Mexican army defeated Napoleon’s French army), the day definitely inspires renewed interest in Mexican culture and, of course, food. More than just tacos and burritos, the Mexican food landscape is diverse – and delicious.
For foodies, it’s a mecca of new, bold flavors and vibrant colors.
Below are three must-visit Mexican cities for every American food lover.
Mexico City. The capital of the country, Mexico City, provides a great mix of affordable food stalls and trucks, as well as upscale dining. From breakfast to dinner, and the obligatory post-dinner churros, there is no shortage of incredible food. And, because it’s so big, there’s a lot of diversity when it comes to options. But, be sure not to miss out on street tacos and “aguas frescas” (fresh waters), as they are a Mexican staple.


Mexico City is beautiful – full of culture, art, architecture, and delicious food!

Tulum. Vastly different than it was even just a decade ago, Tulum has blossomed seemingly overnight, transforming into a popular destination for art, culture, and incredible food. One of the most popular Tulum restaurants, Hartwood Tulum, might not have electricity, but watching your meal get cooked over a fire outside is part of the charm.


The Mayan ruins of Tulum overlook the turquoise waters. Not only can you get your beach fix here, but you can eat great food as well!

Guadalajara. Famous for its tortas ahogadas, Guadalajara is in the Jalisco region, which is the birthplace of both tequila and mariachis. Great food, margaritas, and live music? Sounds like Mexican paradise! (Or, just paradise in general.)


Agave plants are the main ingredient in tequila. A visit to the Jalisco region will afford many tequila tasting opportunities!

Yes, the beach towns are tempting, but only going to “resort” towns in Mexico means you’re missing out on a whole nation worth of incredible food. Do yourself a favor and, the next time you’re planning on heading south, make sure one (if not all three) of these cities is on your list.
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In the meantime…
Happy Wanderlusting!
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