It’s hard to believe that there are some places on this planet that, possibly in our lifetime, will be completely lost. In celebration of Earth Day this year, we’re highlighting three places that are at the brink of disappearance in the hope of inspiring you to not only go travel now but to understand the reality of our actions here on the planet.

  1. Arctic Icebergs. In 2017 a huge iceberg, one twice the size of Luxembourg, broke off an ice shelf and into the Weddell Sea. These events are becoming more and more common as rising temperatures are causing the icebergs, and the arctic landscape in general, to completely transform. Seeing these behemoths now might be one of the last opportunities to do so, as is glimpsing polar bears and other wildlife in their natural habitat.


Think you have to rough it to take a trip to one of these locations? Think again. There are many fantastic premium and luxury tour operators and cruises that have fantastic excursions to the Arctic and Antarctica. My personal #1 Bucket List item is a Polar Bear Safari Cruise in the Arctic.

  1. The sinking city is sinking deeper and deeper, wreaking havoc on the famous Italian town. While there’s plenty of restoration efforts being made, the town is still very much at risk. Although, as Rick Steves points out, it’s less of the city sinking (and more of the sea rising) that is causing so much trouble for Venice.


Also consider that other Italian tourist spots have begun to limit the number of visitors in order to preserve the grounds, such as: Cinqueterre. As the local Venetian government debates even letting large cruise ships in Venice, it may become more difficult to visit the magical city on stilts.

  1. Amazon Rainforest. Recent numbers suggest that deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest is occurring at an alarmingly rapid rate and that well over half of the tree species that call the Amazon home are in danger of extinction, not to mention the wildlife and ecosystems that rely on these beautiful trees. Although the Amazon has been in decline since the 1950s, recent demand for products and land, especially in Brazil, have put much of it at an escalated risk.


The Amazon spans 9 different South American countries, a majority of it in Brazil. Again, one doesn’t need to rough it to experience the unique biodiversity of the Amazon. There are many premium and luxury ways to experience the Amazon whether via river cruise or guided tour.

Seeing these sights in person gives you perspective, making you realize that, yes, each of our actions really does have a consequence. Through travel and education, however, we hope that we’ll be inspired to save what we can, and make sure to stop future damage from happening to our beloved planet.
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In the meantime…
Happy Wanderlusting!
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