In celebration of the New York Auto Show wrapping up this weekend, we’ve gathered some of the world’s coolest car destinations. Car buffs, start planning now and get ready to take your love for some of your favorite iconic brands from 0 to 60.
Maranello, Italy. Since 1929, Italy has been making one of the world’s favorite luxury sports cars: Ferrari. The town of Maranello is where Enzo Ferrari first started building his cars, and they continue to be made there today. Unlike many car factories, Ferrari does everything under one roof, only producing fewer than 7,000 cars each year. Visiting Maranello also means that you can make a pitstop at the famous Ferrari museum that is located just down the street.

Maranello happens to be in one of the richest gastronomic destinations in Italy, the province of Emilia-Romagna, so while you’re there feast on Parmigiano cheese and Modena balsamic vinegar, among many other treasures for your palette!

Munich, Germany. The headquarters of BMW can be found in Munich, which makes it one of the coolest places for German car lovers to visit. Although BMWs are built around the world, visiting the factories in Germany will help you get the authentic experience you want. And, of course, we hear the beer there is great, too.

One of my favorite ways to reach Munich is to first take a Danube River Cruise that goes from Budapest to Vilshofen. From Vilshofen, extend your trip by a few days to Munich, where you can tour, or even purchase a BMW if you’re so inclined!

London to Glasgow. Rolls Royce is almost always associated with luxury. In fact, it is often the definition of luxury. In 1907, “The Best Car in the World” – Rolls Royce’s Silver Ghost – took what was then a record-breaking trip all the way from London to Glasgow a total of 27 times. In doing so, Rolls Royce broke the world record, proving to the world that they were the epitome of both luxury and reliability. Tracing the car’s path from London to Glasgow is a great way to see in person how car history was made.

In fact, one of the best ways to see the English and Scottish countrysides is by taking a self-drive vacation. You can take your time, make spontaneous pit stops, and recreate this historical Rolls Royce route!

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