Last time I wrote an article about how you can go on your dream vacation for free. This article takes that one step further and tells you how you can MAKE MONEY on your dream vacation.


Imagine going on a Duoro Wine Cruise in Portugal with your organization’s loyal clientele/ member. (Image:

For real!
Whether you own/ manage a business, a nonprofit, or an affinity club, you can add a new (and fun) revenue stream that will make you money, build loyalty among clientele/ members, and make your business stand out!
How does this work?

  1. You and I meet and decide on an amazing dream trip for you and your group.
  2. You reach out to your loyal clientele or organization members/ donors and ask if they want to take an exclusive trip to (INSERT YOUR DREAM VACATION HERE). *The best way to do this is to host a “DREAM VACATION Night” at your place of business where I present the information on the trip, etc.
  3. I do all the planning, coordinating, of travel, etc. so you can focus on your daily operations.
  4. 20+ people sign up to go – you earn a free trip for yourself!
  5. Everyone goes on this trip and has a blast that creates memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!
  6. You have a more engaged and loyal clientele/ membership that can’t wait for the next trip.
  7. We share the revenue – you get an additional stream of income for your organization. WIN-WIN


    How about a beer tour through Germany? (Image:

The possibilities are endless with this joint-venture group travel arrangement, but here are some of my favorite ideas:


Take your volleyball team to Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Florida for a winning combination of training and vacation! (Image:

I could really go on and on with ideas. If you are interested or know someone who is, please share this article or share my contact information. For a more detailed explanation of how this all works, watch my Facebook Live Video (below) from today.
In the meantime, if this has got your wheels turning, reach out to me and we’ll start talking about how you can make this happen for your organization. Start by filling out our trip planning form, and we’ll work together make your dream vacation a moneymaking vacation!
 Happy Wanderlusting!
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