What is your dream vacation? An expedition to the Galapágos? A luxurious escape to Bora Bora? A family heritage trip to Scotland? Or a food and wine-based journey through Italy? What if I told you that you could go on your dream vacation for free? You may be saying, “yeah, right!” Well, I am right!


Blue Footed Booby in the Galapagos (Image: www.zegrahm.com)

One of the coolest secrets of the travel industry is that many travel suppliers give away freebies. How do you go about getting a freebie? It’s simple. Find as few as fifteen of your favorite people (and their favorite people) and get them to go on your vacation with you.
Say what?
That’s right, most travel suppliers (cruise companies, tour operators, etc.) will offer a free “tour conductor” (TC) credit once a certain minimum number of people are booked. As a rule of thumb, many cruise lines will offer a free TC when 8 cabins are booked (or, 16 people). Occasionally travel suppliers will run specials that allow a TC for as low as 4 cabin bookings and some luxury providers already have a standard of 8 people or 4 cabins as it is.
15 people sounds like a lot. I don’t know if I can do that!
First, you’d be surprised how many people you know that would want to go with you on an amazing vacation. Second, just think about it. Invite your spouse, your best friend and their spouse, your sibling and their spouse, your parents, your best friend’s parents…that’s 10 already! If any of those people you invited just invite three more couples, you are good-to-go!
Still not convinced you can get 15 people to come along?

Here are some other types of groups that enjoy traveling together. You may be surprised to hear about some of these opportunities that were right under your nose!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless…
What’s more? You can actually make money as well! Want to hear more about this? Stay tuned for my next blog to find out how….


Overwater Villas at the St. Regis, Bora Bora (Image: www.starwoodhotels.com)

In the meantime, if this has got your wheels turning, reach out to me and we’ll start talking about how you can make this happen. Start by filling out our trip planning form and we’ll work together make your dream vacation a reality at no cost to you!
Happy Wanderlusting!
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